Welcome to my site!!! It’s all about me and my life! Living back at home with your parents at 31 is not the greatest…. trying to save money to get out of here while also trying to have a bit of a life! How I deal with my anxiety and all the little bits in between……


Hi, I am Nicola and this is my wonderful page!!! I’ve turned 30 this year….. where has my life gone. I’m a normal London girl who works at a job that i’m not so keen on but it pays the bills so can’t complain too much. I am into fashion and beauty and am always trying out different brands to see if they do what it says on the label!

I am also currently studying journalism which I hope and pray will help me to start writing decent articles that get published. I have also studied creative writing and would love to write one novel in my lifetime!  Once I start getting into the swing of it again I will be posting my stories, poems on here so be nice!!


This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.