Glasses Wearers’

I have been wearing glasses since I was around 10, I remember going to the opticians and being told that my vision in my left eye was very bad for someone my age. I was worried that my eyesight was going to deteriorate so bad every year that I was going to end up blind. That hasn’t happened so far thankfully, and I have since been reassured that I’m not going to turn blind. I started wearing contact lenses when I was around 13, my mum paid for the monthly contacts where I got 3 in one batch. that first time I got them, I was practising putting them in my eyes and ended up losing one from one pair and then another one ended up down the sink hole! My mother was not very happy with me!

Until recently I wore my contacts all the time, every day to work, every single time I went outside my front door. I found that when I was getting up early for work my eyes would be quite dry and the contacts were making me feel even more tired and giving me a headache. So I invested in a nice pair of glasses and have been wearing them the majority of the time.

This started a whole new problem for me….. applying make up! Do you know how hard it is squinting into the mirror trying to apply your foundation correctly, with the end of the brush keep banging against the glass, while you’re also in a mega rush, arghhhhh.

Also applying eyebrow pencil was such a palaver, also because of the end of the pencil hitting the mirror, along with the fact that it’s so hard to judge whether your eyebrows look the same while you’re so close to the mirror. Then you put your glasses on and see that they’re not quite the same, take your glasses off and try to correct them….. a vicious cycle if you ask me. I mean I know they’re not supposed to be identical twins but they should at least look a bit alike?!!

So I did some research and found ecotools who have a 5 piece brush set called the ‘modern romance collection’. These brushes are 5cm long, so tiny and cute but also amazing for the ongoing fight with the long brush and my mirror. It’s really helped with my stress levels in the morning which surely must lead to a more positive day ahead. I also bought ecotools makeup brush cleansing cloths which helps to clean the brush every day, for a more intense clean they have a shampoo to buy. The romance set is £12.78 for one angled brush, flat foundation brush, full shadow brush, petite eye shading brush and a detail lip. Perfect for glasses wearers’ and also for taking on holiday with you.

When I was researching different options to help me I couldn’t help but have a giggle at some of the things that are out there!! You can buy ‘peepers makeup glasses’ that you can flip the lens over so you can see out of one eye at all times…. has anyone ever used these? There’s also some ridiculously expensive mirrors you can uy which are magnified, which would scare me first thing in the morning so a definite NO to that.

I still haven’t found a solution for my eyebrow pencil problem…. anyone got any ideas??

#glasses #makeup #ecotools #eyebrows #foundation #brushes #tonsee

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