I have so many recipe books it’s unbelievable, I should probably start giving some away but you never know when you might need that particular recipe in that book that you haven’t even flicked through for years. I have made a few from one of Nigella’s books, a prawn curry I think, a few from Jamie Oliver but I just find that they use weird and expensive ingredients that you’re never going to use again. I also have some weight watchers recipes which are a lot more realistic and affordable. There’s one in particular that’s so easy and tasty. It’s just spaghetti, broccoli, anchovies, croutons crushed up and some black pepper sprinkled over. It’s filling, healthy and a mix of your veg, carbs and oily fish for your Vitamin D. When I lived in my flat I used to have this quite regularly because I couldn’t be bothered to make anything else.

I made a Thai green curry a couple of weeks ago which was very yummy, first time I have ever had one and I was quite pleased with myself! It’s got quite a sweet taste, due to the coconut milk and the lime, the sweetness reminds me of chicken korma. My Thai green curry wasn’t green tho…. is it supposed to be green?! None of the photos of the ones I saw on the internet looked green either?!! Oh well… it tasted good!

I recently bought Joe Wicks Lean In 15 book which has got some very realistic and tasty recipes. One of my favourites is cheesy chorizo chicken and spinach, although I don’t use the spinach. The ingredients are; chorizo, red onion, chicken, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. The flavours are delicious and very filling. I just have half a packet of rice with mine to make it more of a meal, pictures are above.

There’s an indian spiced lamb dish that looks yummy along with chilli con avocado! You can’t beat avocado, so nice and refreshing.

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