31 and still living at home……

When I was younger i never imagined that i would be still living at home at the ripe old age of 31, i used to imagine that i would be married, have a house of my own, have a couple of kids, but no, for various reasons that hasn’t worked out for me.

I did move out when I was 27 and lived in a flat with my friend, when after two years she decided that she wanted to go travel the world (how selfish) and I ended up back in with my good old mum and dad. I mean I wouldn’t have been able to stay there for a lot longer anyway, the rent was ridiculously high, we were basically paying for the landlords mortgage on the house that he was living in, which would have made me very angry and resentful had I stayed there much longer. Baring in mind that I spent the majority of my two years cooped up in the flat because I didn’t have the money to go out, slowly starting to feel like I was losing my mind and the majority of my money.

All of that aside, I loved having my own freedom and independence. Being able to walk butt-naked to the toilet or to make a cup of tea, not having to rush home because my mums made dinner and she’s gonna get pissed if i’m like 2 mins late. Not having to answer to 50 questions every time I say i’m going somewhere or doing something, that really, really does my head in. I especially miss having the privacy with my boyfriend, being in my bedroom with him at home while my parents are in the bedroom opposite and the walls are paper thin, doesn’t fill me with hot passion if you know what i mean.

Currently, we are saving for a house but it just takes sooooo long, i’m so impatient, I just want to buy one NOW and live in it NOW and start being an adult again. Maybe that’s why I feel like my life’s in limbo right now, I don’t particularly feel like an adult because my mum makes me my dinner and washes my clothes and I still have to answer to her because I live in her house, I feel like i’m not living the life I should be living, for someone my age,

I know it’s so much harder these days to get a house because everything costs so much bloody money these days and there’s no point in renting because it’s an absolute con, I am doing the sensible thing and staying at home, where I can save my money and save up for a lovely house but sometimes I just feel frustrated and impatient with it all.

I have to be positive though and on the plus side I do get to go out whenever I want and wherever I want because I haven’t got any real responsibilities, I can spend my money if I want to on clothes I don’t need and food that’s definitely not going to give me a flat, toned stomach. Me and my boyfriend can go on nice holidays and on random day trips without worrying about anything, and I know one day i will have the husband, the house and the kids and look back at this post and wish that I could go back home and have my mum make dinner for me!

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